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Brit Milah is the traditional Jewish service in which a baby receives a circumcision. Traditionally this is done on the 8th day of life, but may be delayed due to any complications with the infant, including those related to premature birth. During the ceremony the baby will also receive his Hebrew name. 

Dr. Rosen has performed thousands of circumcisions and takes every precaution to ensure results that you will be happy with. He is certified to perform the ceremony, in English and in Hebrew, which may be adjusted according to your family's preferences.


Mazel tov on the birth of your daughter! Brit Bat, or Simchat Bat, is the celebration of the daughter. Dr. Rosen, Beach Cities Mohel, is available to welcome your baby girl into the community as well.

Brit Bat includes a Jewish Baby Naming and traditional blessings. Contact us for a consultation and scheduling availability.


If a circumcision was performed in a non-ritual setting (ie. in the hospital prior to discharge), Hatafat Dam Brit may be performed in order to "reenact the covenant." 

In Hatafat Dam Brit, the circumcision is already performed, so the ceremony is modified to include ritual prayers and the drawing of a single drop of blood from the site of the previous circumcision (using painless, sterile surgical techinique).

Dr. Rosen offers Hatafat Dam Brit to:

- Families with a baby boy who had the circumcision performed previously by someone other than a mohel (obstetrician or pediatrician) 

- Families who have adopted and are seeking conversion for the baby

- Adult males in the process of converting to Judaism

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