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How it works

Initial Call/email

Let us know that you are expecting! Or, if you are keeping it a surprise, call us when you know you have a baby boy and we can start the process.

The first step is a phone call and free consultation with Dr. Rosen. In addition to answering any questions you have, he will discuss scheduling and help get you organized for the big day.

Brit Milah, or the Bris, is traditionally performed on the 8th day of life. That means if baby is born on a Tuesday prior to sundown, the bris is performed the following Tuesday. If the baby is born after sundown, the bris is performed on the next Wednesday. The bris can, and should be, postponed for any medical complications with the delivery (ie. premature baby in the NICU).


What you need

You will need the following:

- Room large enough to accommodate your guests

- If you plan to host the event on zoom for out of town family or friends, please have the link set up beforehand

- Table - standard kitchen or desk height with at least 3x3 feet of free space for the baby and instruments

- Wine for Kiddush, plus glasses or cups for guests

- Grape juice for baby

- Extra diapers and wipes, Receiving blankets

- 2 chairs - one for your Sandak and the other left empty for Elijah

           + The Sandak is an honored guest/family member                  (male) who will hold baby during the circumcision

- Kippot/Yarmulkes for guests

- Challah and celebratory meal following the Bris

- Items for care after - one large container of petroleum jelly (Vaseline or Aquaphor recommended), large box of gauze (50 pack of 4x4)

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The Ceremony

The following are the standard elements of any Brit Milah and baby naming. Many of these can be customized to your preferences. Dr. Rosen is happy to perform the whole ceremony, or to work in tandem with the rabbi/cantor of your choosing.

- Introductions

    + Baby brought in by the kvater

- Candle lighting

- Blessings for Chair of Elijah

- Blessings and good wishes for baby

- Circumcision and associated blessings

- Baby naming - blessings and announcement of your baby's Hebrew Name. Parents are encouraged to say a few words following this about the name and why they chose it.

- Prayer for Healing, priestly benediction

- Shehecheyanu

- Kiddush/Blessing over wine

- Hamotzi/Blessing prior to meal

- Celebratory meal/Seudat Brit Milah

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